DEVA is the innovative modular suite for managing the end-to-end smart metering process, from data collection to billing.

“Turnkey” service

“Turnkey” service

DEVA’s digital platform provides a turnkey service to DSOs. Built on the most advanced technologies, it integrates easily with all Smart Meters and business applications.


Discover the advantages of using DEVA


Modularity and scalability allow for compatible use with the needs of every DSO


High performance in remote reading and remote management ensures compliance with regulations and extends battery life for smart meters


Easily adapted to any smart meter and to all business applications

Lower costs

Automation and predictive analytics allow you to reduce operating costs

Efficiency in every stage

Discover the DEVA modules

Meters of latest generation.

Latest generation meters, equipped with the best connection technologies, they efficiently measure and transmit data from the field.

Read more about Nimbus, the world’s most advanced ‘H2 ready’ smart meter here

Modulo IoT

Modulo IoT

The IoT module does remote reading and remote management with all the smart meters on the market and optimizes communications to guarantee maximum scalability and performance, thus extending battery life.

Module MDM

The MDM module validates and extrapolates the data arriving from meters and from customers (e.g. self-readings and photo-readings). It detects and corrects any reading irregularities using AI, extrapolates missing consumption, and prepares the data for the billing system.

Modulo MDM
Modulo Billing

Modulo Billing

The billing module can be easily customized using Zero-Code configuration tools, allowing constant alignment with current regulations. It uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically correct irregularities in the data, allowing a significant reduction in management costs.

Advanced Analytics

Dashboards and AI algorithms make it possible to monitor the end-to-end process, providing all the essential insights for predicting breakdowns and failures.

AI Algorithms

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