Leak Detection

Leak Detection is the turnkey service that combines the know-how of the leading gas distributor in Italy with the most innovative ©Picarro leak detection technology to help network operators identify gas leaks and reduce fugitive emissions.

A winning partnership

Leak detection is carried out by the Italgas surveyor equipped with ©Picarro technology. Following an initial inspection, Italgas personnel will carry out specific inspections using the ©Picarro leak detection backpack and will provide a final report with the confirmed leaks.
Advanced equipment.


Discover the advantages of using the Leak Detection service:

Greater Safety

10-times increase in network safety and sustainability, thanks to the accuracy of the technology and the expertise of Italgas technicians

Lower costs

Optimization of operating costs through the reduction of emergency calls

More efficiency

Greater network coverage, thanks to a detection procedure 3 times faster than traditional procedures

More reliability

Turnkey service carried out by the leading gas distributor in Italy, which relieves the DSOs of any operations and knowledge transfer

Your Action Plan

How the Leak Detection Service works

Device for the inspection of the network.


The data is collected by the surveyor who, equipped with ©Picarro technology, carefully inspects the network during the nighttime.


The data collected is analyzed by machine learning algorithms and by the risk classification analytical module in order to identify LISAs (Leak Indication Search Areas).

Thorough search via backpack.


Italgas technicians use the ©Picarro backpack to inspect the network within the LISAs and provide a list of the leaks and their exact location. Algorithms determine the priority of actions based on the analysis output.

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